12402 W. Sprague Ave Airway Heights, WA.

2018 SKRA Membership Plans:

  • Individual Membership:$120 annually
  • Family Membership: $145 annually **
  • Team Membership: $125 First Member, $25 Additional Members

** Immediate family and children under the age of 21 / Applicants must be at least 5 years of age to be SKRA members

SKRA Membership

Classes for Ages 5 to Adult in a family friendly atmosphere. SKRA has more to offer than just:

Sprint Kart Racing
Super Oval Racing
Super Moto Racing


Kart racing is a family friendly sport, with racing for both kids and
adults. Kart racing is one of the world's most popular and least expensive forms of racing. Kart racing is a great training ground for future racers, with many NASCAR, IRL and Formula 1 drivers getting there start in Karting.

SKRA is a non-profit organization. Funds raised are used to improve the racing facilities and club. Kart racing in Spokane was first organized in the early 1960's. 


Spokane Kart Racing Association

2018 Club Fee Structure

Member Fees: (includes pit pass)
  • Race Entry: $50
  • Additional Class Entry: $25
  • Family Race Entry - Only applicable to SKRA Family Memberships
    • 1st Entry - $50
    • 2nd Entry - $45
    • 3rd Entry - $40
    • 4th Entry - $35
  • Super Oval - $50
  • Supermoto Practice: $30
  • Practice Pass: $15

Non Member Fees: (includes pit pass)
  • Race Entry: $50 + $25 Single Day Membership - Total $75
  • Additional Class Entry: $40
  • Supermoto Practice: $30 + $15 Single Day Membership - Total $45

  • Super Oval: $50+ $25 Single Day Membership - Total $75
  • Practice Pass: $25 + $15 Single Day Membership - Total $40

Pit Passes:
  • Required by everyone in the pit area: $ 10


Do you already have your own kart? Then getting a membership at SKRA is your next step in advancing your racing career or hobby to the next level. As a member at SKRA you will have access to the facility for practice, racing as well as discounted practice and race entry fees. Your membership is reinvested directly back in the track and helps support the ongoing operations of SKRA.