Spokane Kart Racing Association

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MEMBERSHIP PLANS: All families looking to become members must fill out a Membership Form. A 1 year membership for a single member is $240 (or $120 with a volunteer agreement). A Family membership is $275 (or $145 with a volunteer agreement).

CLUB FEE STRUCTURE: A single race entry for 1 driver who is a club member is $68 (or $113 for a non-member). If running more than one class, each additional class is $36 for both members and non-members. For families with multiple racers, the 1st entry is $68, the 2nd entry is $63, the 3rd entry is $58, and the 4th entry is $53. A practice pass for a club member is $22 (or $67 for a non-member) and is good for a full day. The overnight camping fee is $20. Kid Kart race entries are only $30. We also offer transponder rentals for $26.50 and Pit Passes are $11 (required for everyone in the pit area who is not driving).

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12402 Sprague Ave, Airway Heights, WA 99001

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