Spokane Kart Racing Association

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MEMBERSHIP PLANS: All families looking to become members must fill out a Membership Form. A 1 year membership for a single member is $280 (or $120 with a volunteer agreement). A Family membership is $315 (or $145 with a volunteer agreement).

CLUB FEE STRUCTURE: A single race entry for 1 driver who is a club member is $73 (or $118 for a non-member). If running more than one class, each additional class is $41 for members and non-members. For families with multiple racers, the 1st entry is $73, the 2nd entry is $68, the 3rd entry is $63, and the 4th entry is $58. A practice pass for a club member is $22 (or $67 for a non-member) and is good for a full day. The overnight camping fee is $20. Kid Kart race entries are only $30. We also offer transponder rentals for $26.50 and Pit Passes are $11 (required for everyone in the pit area who is not driving).

SUPERMOTO PRACTICE: A practice day pass for Supermoto is $30 for club members, and $45 for non-members. We do not accept cash, only credit or debit, and any drivers wishing to signup for supermoto practice must do so at the track. Supermoto bikes are not allowed on track while go karts are on the track, but we make sure that everyone has a fair amount of track time during practice days!

TRI CITY KART CLUB: All members of TCKC are considered members of SKRA and do NOT have to pay non-member fees!

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12402 Sprague Ave, Airway Heights, WA 99001

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